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I’m BULB crazy right now!!!!!

Posted in Container Gardening, Garden Maintenance, Landscape Design, Outdoor Living by Administrator on the February 26th, 2011

 There’s no getting around it. “I’m bulb crazy right now!”

This time of year you want to get your bulbs in the ground. Elephant Ear’s are beautiful in the garden. They come in all kinds of different types, and don’t worry there are types for the shade and the sun. WOO HOO right???? First you want to go to your local garden center and select some healthy elephant ear bulbs for planting. Make sure the bulb is firm, not soft.  Plant the bulbs in the early spring when the ground starts to warm up. Adding in compost and a little fertilizer to the ground always helps. Once they start blooming they won’t stop until the first frost. The tropical look is key for a Charleston garden! Enjoy planting.

Here are a couple of types i like you use. 

 Black Magic ‘Colocasia esculenta’

Black Stem ‘Colocasia Fontanesii’ 

lIlustris ‘Colocasia antiquorum’

Giant Alocasia ‘Macrorrhiza maki’